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Q: How many goals scored in the 22 all Ireland wins for dublin?
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How many goals did Alfie Hale score for Republic of Ireland?

He scored 2 goals for the Republic of Ireland.

How many goals scored in 2010 football championship?

There were 107 goals scored in the 2010 All-Ireland senior football championship.

How many goals has robbie keane scored for Ireland?

As of 10th October 2009 Robbie Keane has scored 40 goals in 93 matches for the Republic of Ireland [source:]

How many capitals are there in ireland?

Ireland is one country, so it has one capital, which is Dublin. On the island of Ireland you also have Northern Ireland whose capital is Belfast.

How many goals has Torres scored for Liverpool?

Maxi has scored 4 goals

How many goals has ronaldinho scored this season?

Ronaldinho have scored 185 goals

How many goals has sneijder scored in 2010 WC?

He has scored 5 goals.

How many goals did Joe Barnbrick score for Northern Ireland against Wales?

He scored a double hat trick ie. 6.

How many square miles is Dublin?

Dublin, Ireland - 44.4 square miles.

How many goals has Ronaldo scored for Real?

he scored 57 goals in real madrid

How many goals Messi scored in penalties this year?

he scored 17 goals from the spot

How many goals has messi scored for barca?

Messi has scored 176 goals for Barcelona.