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between 485 and 500

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Q: How many goals has Wayne Rooney scord all together?
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How many goal have been scord by keepers?

Goal keepers cannot score goals :/

Who was the First goal scorer at the kc stadium?

Dylan Taylor who all so scord 300 goals that season with frankston pines

The list of 5 player that scord most of goals in la liga?

The five top scorer in Spain are Raul, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Stefano and APuskas.

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Who scord the most runs in test cricket for Australia?

Ricky Ponting

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Which batsman scord 194 rus in an inning against India?

Said Anwar

Who scord the fastest 100 runs in 50 overs cricket mach?

Shahid Afridi in 37 balls.

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You cant go higher than 255 points

Highest bye runs scored in a ball?

yuvraj singh scord sis 6 in six ball i an over

When did the patriots score eighty-one points on the jaguars?

The Patriots have never scord 81 points in a single game.

Who scord most hundreds and fifties in test cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar scored 42 centuries in test cricket which is the highest.