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Q: How many goal did messi scored an how many did c ronaldo scored?
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How many free kicks has messi scored vs christiano ronaldo?

no one :D

How many times has messi faced ronaldo?

9 times and has scored 0

How many goal has Cristiano ronaldo scored for Portugal?


How many goals did messi score in 'el clasico'?

In the second El Classico Messi scored one goal.

How many goals christiano ronaldo scored in 2010?

In the 2010 world cup Ronaldo scored one goal, it was a header verses North Korea.

How many goal messi score in his career?

about 200 exact 192goals tell me if u think messi is better than ronaldo

How many goals have messinand ronaldo scored for there clubs?

in the 2011 2012 season messi has 55 goals in all competitions and ronaldo has scored 43 for madrid. from messis goals overall he has scored 4 penalties in 4 shots and ronaldo overall scored 9 penalties in 10 shots.

How many goals has messi scored in soccer?

432 Goal For Barcelona and 49 For argentina.

How many goals did messi score in the world cup 2010?

Messi scored only one goal in world cup 2006 against Serbia and Montenegro. In the 2014 FIFA World Cup which is still currently being played in Brazil, Lionel Messi currently has 4 goals with one game left to be played. Messi scored 1 goal against Bosnia and Herzegovina. Messi scored 1 goal against Iran. Messi scored 2 goals against Nigeria.

How many goal messi scored in his career so far?

Messi has scored 173 goals in his career so far. 158 at club level. 15 for his country, Argentina.

How many goals Cristiano ronaldo scored in world cup?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 1 goal in the FIFA World Cups. He scored his first world cup goal in the Portugal vs North Korea match in the FIFA World Cup 2010.

How many goals has Cristiano ronaldo scored in copa del rey 2011?

Ronaldo scored only one goal in the Copa Del Rey verses Barcelona.he headed it.