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As of Sunday, October 30, 2016, the Dallas Cowboys have played 13 games with the roof open at AT&T Stadium. They are 6-7 in those contests.'/

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Q: How many games have the Dallas Cowboys played at AT and T Stadium with the roof open?
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What stadium does the cowboys playin?

Since the 2009 season, Dallas has played its games in Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Where do Dallas Cowboys play home game?

The Cowboys' new stadium is in Arlington, Texas.

Where was the Dallas Cowboys' old stadium located?

The Cotton Bowl, located in downtown Dallas, was the original home of the Dallas Cowboys from 1960 to 1971. Texas Stadium, which was in the suburb of Irving, was where the Cowboys played their home games from 1971 to 2008.

What stadium did the Dallas Cowboys play in from 1960-1970?

AnswerThe Dallas Cowboys played their home games during that time in the Cotton Bowl. They moved to Texas Stadium for the 1971 season.

What football stadium did the dallas cowboy call home?

The Cowboys played home games in the Cotton Bowl between 1960-1970. In 1971, they moved to the new Texas Stadium where they current play. They have a new stadium in the works that is supposed to open for the 2009 season.

How many stadiums have the Dallas Cowboys called home?

Three. The Cowboys have played their home games at the Cotton Bowl (1960-1971), Texas Stadium (1971-2008) and AT&T Stadium -- originally Cowboys Stadium -- (2009-present).

Where was the Super Bowl played in 2011?

Super Bowl XLV, which was played on February 6, 2011, was played in Cowboys Stadium, Arlington, Texas. This is the stadium in which the Dallas Cowboys play home games. It was the largest domed stadium to host a Super Bowl.

How many games has the Dallas Cowboys lost on Thanksgiving?

The Dallas Cowboys are 6-4 in Thanksgiving Day games played since 2006. Since 1966, the Cowboys have an overall 29-18-1 record on the holiday.Nov. 23, 2006 -- Dallas 38, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10 (at Texas Stadium).Nov. 22, 2007 -- Dallas 34, New York Jets 3 (at Texas Stadium).Nov. 27, 2008 -- Dallas 34, Seattle Seahawks 9 (at Texas Stadium).Nov. 26, 2009 -- Dallas 24, Oakland Raiders 7 (at Cowboys Stadium).Nov. 25, 2010 -- New Orleans Saints 30, Dallas 27 (at Cowboys Stadium).Nov. 24, 2011 -- Dallas 20, Miami 19 (at Cowboys Stadium).Nov. 22, 2012 -- Washington 38, Dallas 31 (at Cowboys Stadium).Nov. 28, 2013 -- Dallas 31, Oakland 24 (at AT&T Stadium, formerly Cowboys Stadium).Nov. 27, 2014 -- Philadelphia 33, Dallas 10 (at AT&T Stadium).Nov. 26, 2015 -- Carolina 33, Dallas 14 (at AT&T Stadium).

What is the raiders record against the cowboys in Dallas?

The Cowboys and the Raiders have played four games in Dallas -- three at Texas Stadium and one at Cowboys Stadium. The Raiders are 3-and-1 in games in which Dallas was the home team. Here are the results: + Oct. 23, 1983 -- Los Angeles Raiders 40, Dallas 38 (Texas Stadium). + Nov. 9, 1986 -- Los Angeles Raiders 17, Dallas 13 (Texas Stadium). + Sept. 27, 1998 -- Oakland Raiders 13, Dallas 12 (Texas Stadium). + Nov. 26, 2009 -- Dallas 24, Oakland Raiders 7 (Cowboys Stadium The Raiders lead the overall series 6-4.

Where did the Dallas Cowboys play before moving into their new stadium?

The Cowboys played their home games at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas from 1960 through part of the 1971 season. They then played at Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas, from 1971 to 2008. They now play at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Where do the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders live?

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are more like a dance group than traditional cheerleaders. But you can see them on the sidelines of all Dallas home games at Cowboys Stadium.

Dallas cowboy stadiums?

The Cowboys have played their home games at the Cotton Bowl (1960-71), Texas Stadium (1971-2008) and AT&T Stadium (2009-present).