How many games did the clippers win?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: How many games did the clippers win?
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What do clippers fans get when clippers win?

a win

Who do you think will be in the 2020 NBA Finals, and why?

I think it will be the Clippers and the Bucks or Clippers and Celtics. Clippers win it all though

Did the LA Clippers win a NBA final?


How many championship have the clippers won?

0 none (they didnt won any championship's yet ,,,,,,but they will going to win win 2012 playoffs ,,i wish..

Who did the Miami Heat beat for the franchise's first win?

l.a. clippers

Where can one buy tickets to Los Angeles Clippers games?

One can buy tickets to Los Angeles Clippers games at the official NBA website. After on the website, click "Tickets" and choose the Clippers team. This will take you to the page to buy the tickets.

How many baseball games did the CO Rockies win in 2011?

they win 12 games.

Who was the only Clippers player in franchise history to win a rebounding title?

Michael cage

How many varieties of nail clippers are there?

There are so many different varieties of nail clippers that it is impossible to count. You can purchase different nail clippers from stores such as Amazon, Ebay and John Lewis.

How many home courts do the lakers have?

They only have one home court, Staples Center. The Lakers play 41 home games, not including "road" games against the Clippers and playoff games.

How many games did colts win?

The colts was 8 games.

How many games did dolphins win in 1972?

17 games