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Q: How many game winners does Russell Westbrook have?
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How many years has Russell westrbook been in the NBA?

Russell Westbrook has been in the NBA for 9 years (started in 2008)

How many career touchdowns does Brian Westbrook have?

Through the second game of the 2007 season, Brian Westbrook has scored 38 career regular season TDs and 5 career postseason TDs.

How many game-winners has Gilbert Arenas hit in his career?


How many game winners has Chris Paul hit in his career?


How many game winners has paul pierce hit in his career?


Where is there a Kingdom Hall near westbrook?

There are many Westbrook's throughout the world, please could you be more specific as to the country that is meant.

What is positive sum game?

In a game with many players, there can be none, one or many winners and none, one or many losers. A positive sum game is one in which the sum of all the winnings is greater than the sum of all the losses. In theory, then, it should be possible for the winners to compensate the losers but still keep some of the positive sum. But that is in theory!

How many touchdowns did Brian Westbrook have in the 2009 season?

Brian Westbrook had 2 touchdowns in 2009. 1 rushing and 1 receiving.

How many times has Kobe Bryant scored 40 plus points against the Miami Heat?

The most recent 40/40+ tandem goes to Oklahoma's Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook scoring 51and 40 respectively. The 91 combined points goes down as third most all- time combined points scored by teammates in game.

How many game winning shots does LeBron James has in his career?

Lebron James has made 17 game winners in his career. For those wondering how many Kobe has, he has 14.

How many miles between Kennebunk and Westbrook Maine?

It is about 25 miles or so from Kennebunk to Westbrook, Maine. It is an easy trip; just take I-95 North (Maine Turnpike) from Kennebunk and take the Westbrook exit (just north of Portland).

How many game winners does lebron have?

10. Including 2 buzzer beaters