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Generally either one or two, but it depends on the formation being used. These players are also called, "Strikers".

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Q: How many forwards are there in football?
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What is the job of the forwards on a football team?

Their main role is to score.

The number of forwards in football five letter word?


How many forwards in a football game?

It depends. Varies from 2 to 4 players up front.Also,there might be only one, or no nominal forward.

How many people are on an Australian football team?

22 players 6 defenders 5 midfielders 1 ruck 6 forwards 4 interchange

Who are the french football players?

I Could Tell You The Forwards - Therry Henry - Ribery - Zidane

Are there strikers in football?

Yes, they're the ones that score the goals. Also known as forwards.

What is a backward pass?

In American football, a backward pass is a pass thrown backwards instead of forwards.

How many forwards in a rugby union team?


There are 11 players on ffense in football what are their positions?

well always a goalie and then deffense midfield and forward (offense) it depends how many deffensem, midfielders and forwards are depending on each team!

What is the difference between Air Force Flag Football and traditional flag football?

In traditional flag football like traditional football there are no forward laterals. In Air Force Flag Football you can pass the ball both backwards and forwards as much as you want. Think of it like ultimate frisbee with a football.

Does rugby have a quarterback?

No. 9 is the scrumhalf and this is the "quarterback" of rugby. He/She is the go between the forwards and the backs.

How Many Forwards Are On The Field When Playing The Sport Soccer?

It depends on what formation you are in, but most of the time there are three forwards on the field, a center a right wing, and a left wing.