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Q: How many footballs are used during ncaa game?
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Are NCAA footballs larger than NFL footballs?

no, nfl footballs are a little larger than ncaa footballs

Where do you get official NCAA team game footballs?

The ball is called the Wilson F1005 NCAA FootballYou can buy them here:

Are footballs in high schools different from official NFL footballs?

Yes, high school footballs are smaller and usually have two white stripes (NCAA regulation) near the ends.

How many times outs are given to each team during a college basketball game?

Two full timeouts (1 min) and three .20s. (20 seconds)

How many people are allowed on the sideline during a national football game?

in NCAA there can be up to 30 players on a team

What is the length of a professional football?

The NFL, NCAA and high schools use footballs that are 11 to 11.25 inches long.

How many officials are in an NCAA basketball game?


When can a NCAA pitcher play again after playing a game?

The NCAA has no rules governing how many pitches a pitcher can throw in a game and how often he can pitch.

How many times has Kansas been in the NCAA championship game?


How many players can you make on the game NCAA 2006?


How many teams have never won a game in the NCAA tournament?


Is a football a different size in the NFL than in high school?

Yes. High school and college (NCAA) footballs are slightly smaller and lighter.