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Well, they have two rounds for the NBA draft. So the Cavaliers only got two picks, SO did all the other teams.

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Q: How many draft picks do the Cleveland Cavaliers have in the 2009 NBA draft?
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How many draft picks did the Pittsburgh Steelers have in the 2009 draft?

The Steelers had nine picks in the 2009 NFL Draft.

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The Buccaneers have the following picks in the 2009 draft 19,81,120,155,191,217,229,233

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Who is the highest paid NBA team of the 2009 season?

Cleveland cavaliers

How much in 2009 is the Cleveland cavaliers worth?

$477 billion dollars

When did Shaquille O'Neil join the Cleveland Cavaliers?

he joined them in the offseason of 2009.

How many draft picks do the Seahawks have in 2009?

Just 1

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Who did the Cleveland Indians select in the Rule 4 Draft in 2009?

Alex White was selected for the Rule 4 Draft in 2009 for the Cleveland Indians.

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What team had the best record in the 2008-2009 NBA season?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Who is number 1 for the Cleveland cavaliers?

For the 2008-2009 season, that is second year guard Terence Kinsey out of South Carolina.