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Q: How many downs are allowed before crossing a first down line?
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How many total first downs did the Cleveland Browns have in the regular 2006 season?

According to, the Browns had 250 first downs in the 2006 season. Broken down they had 72 first downs from rushing, 153 first downs from passing, and 25 first downs from penalties.

How many downs or opportunities are you given before you mandatorily have to give the ball away to the other team?

4 downs. Then it's a turnover if an unsuccessful first down is achieved.

How many first downs in 1994 did Dallas have?

The Cowboys offense had 322 first downs during the 1994 season.

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The motto of Sussex Downs College is 'Putting Students First'.

How many downs is there in the nfl?

There are 4 downs per offensive series but if you convert the first down they reset.

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A driver must first receive permission from which base agency before entering or crossing a runway?

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Total first downs by Dallas Cowboys in 1994?

The 1994 Cowboys offense was credited with 322 first downs, 160 by passing, 136 by rushing, and 26 by penalty.

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How many first downs in the first quarter of Super Bowl 44?


What is the first team statistical entry in a football game summary?

first downs