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What we know so far is that 16 veterans will not be returning for the 2011-2012 season. They are:

1. Trisha Trevino (sixth-year veteran)

2. Tobie Percival (fifth-year veteran)

3. Brooke Sorenson (fifth-year veteran)

4. Meredith Oden (fourth-year veteran)

5. Meagan Sharp (fourth-year veteran)

6. Tia Williams (fourth-year veteran)

7. Jordan Baum (third-year veteran)

8. Jordan Chanley (third-year veteran)

9. Michelle Keys (third-year veteran)

10. Crystal Trevino (third-year veteran)

11. Evan Anderson (second-year veteran)

12. Carey DePasquale (second-year veteran)

13. Joannah Liad (second-year veteran)

14. Stephanie Heymann (first-year)

15. Alyssa Sarasani (first-year)

16. Olivia Stevanowski (first-year)

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Q: How many dallas cowboys cheerleaders veterans are planning to try out for 2011?
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