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dhoni, harbajhan, yoveraj, ghambir, sehwag.....

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Q: How many current Indian cricket team members are Sikh?
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Is Kaur an Indian surname?

Kaur is a middle name used by Sikh women as in Singh is for Sikh men.

Is jay Sean a Punjabi?

Yes, Jay Sean is an Indian (he has Indian parents). He was born in England, but his family is from a Sikh community, living in Punjab, India.

What nationality is surname sukhwinder cheema?

Indian Sikh

Who is the Indian athelete nicknamed flying Sikh?

Milkha Singh

Is jay Sean American?

Jay Sean is from England. If you're asking what his ethnicity is, he's Indian (Punjabi Jatt ethnicity).yes,he is Sikh Punjabi.You can verify this on will see that his real name is kamaljit singh jhooti which is a Indian name.although he was born in London,England he is still a Sikh IndianYes. Jay Sean is actually British. He was born 26 March. His birth name is Kamaljit Singh Jhooti. And his dad's name is Sharran and his mom's name is Bindi and they are both from Punjab, India. They were living there after they got married and Jay Sean was born there. Also, Jay Sean has a British accent. So he is part Indian and part British.

Is there an eleventh Sikh guru?

Yes, the 11th and current Sikh guru is their holy book, the Guru Granth Sahib.

Which Indian city is the most important Sikh religious centre?


What ethnicity is the last name Mehrok?

punjabi, sikh thus indian

What members of the family are there when a Sikh baby is born?

aunt uncle grandparents

How the Indian religion welcome a baby?

There is no one specific "Indian" religion. Mainly people are Hindi, Muslim and Sikh.

Is jay Sean aindian?

Yes, he is Punjabi(sikh) Indian as well as British

What does the name sidhak mean?

Indian 'sikh' boy's name,means FAITH.