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In 2011, there are 20 countries competing eachother.

I go 4 da Manu Samoa.


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Q: How many countries play in rugby world cup?
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How many countries in world play rugby league?

nearly 30 countries.

How many different countries in the world play rugby?

94 countries are now registerd with the IRB

How many countries should play rugby?

94 are registered with the IRB

How many nations play rugby?

93 countries have teams registered with the IRB

Which countries were New Zealand not able to play in rugby and why?

The New Zealand team couldn't play only in 2 countries and that is Indonesia, because they don't play rugby and Bangladesh.

How many nations play rugby union?

Answer: Rugby is very competitive in countries such as: South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, England, Wales, France, Ireland, Scotland, Argentina, Italy, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Argentina .Each of these countries have their own very specific competitions with domestic sides from each country. Rugby is also played in: Japan, Georgia, Canada, USA, Romania, Russia, Uruguay, Namibia, and Portugal. (these games are competitive among similar strength sides) this is followed by: Germany, Spain, Brazil, South Korea, Chile, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Belgium and Ukraine. Overall 120 countries play rugby world wide!

What countries play touch rugby?

Almost every country who plays rugby league

What is a rugby test?

When 2 countries play against each other, it is known as a Rugby Test.

What sports does Samoa play?

they play rugby union in the world cup and sevens rugby unions

In which sport do countries play for the Bledisloe Cup?

Rugby Union.......

How many countries play cricket in the world?

104 countries

Where in the world rugby played?

Mostly in South Africa but their are other countries who do play it, like austrailia and new zealand, those are the big ones