How many cities have an NHL team?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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In the United States, there are 4 states with more than one team, and in Canada, there are two Provinces that have more than one team. For Canada, the Province of Ontario has the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Ottawa Senators; the province of Alberta has the Calgary Flames and the Edmonton Oilers. In the United States, Pennsylvania has the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers; Florida has the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Florida Panthers; California has the Anaheim Ducks, the Los Angeles Kings, and the San Jose Sharks; and New York has the New York Rangers, New York Islanders, and (my favorite) the Buffalo Sabres.

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the state is florida.

Eh, no.

California has San Francisco, Oakland and San Diego

Florida has Miami, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville (for now)

Missouri has Kansas City and St. Louis

New York has the NY Giants and the NY Jets

Ohio has Cleveland and Cincinnati

Pennsylvania has Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

Texas has Houston and Dallas

You might also count Maryland, since it has Baltimore and also hosts Redskins games. But if you count that, you might as well say that New York has no teams and New Jersey has two.

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New York, California, Ohio, Texas, Missouri, and Florida each have more than one NFL team.

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38 Teams currently have NHL teams in each state !

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Q: How many cities have an NHL team?
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Which clubs are affiliated to the NHL?

Each NHL team has an affiliate team (or farm team) that plays in the American Hockey League. Many of the AHL teams are in the same city as their NHL affiliate. Many NHL teams are also affiliated with an East Coast Hockey League team.

How many centers are on a NHL team?


Should BC have more then one nhl team?

No, there are no other cities in British Columbia that compare to the population of Vancouver

Does Indiana have a NHL team?

Indiana does not have an NHL team.

How many players on a NHL hockey team in the 1890's?

None the NHL isn't that old.

Why do the Vancouver Canucks have so many players in their team?

That is how many players is needed on a NHL team.

Name one of the cities that had an original 6 team nhl?

Detroit,Chicago,Montreal,Toronto,New York and Boston.

Does Colorado have an NHL hockey team?

yes there is a NHL hockey team and the team is called The Colarado Avalanche

How many players on an NHL team?

AnswerThere are 23 players on an NHL team,20 players dress for each game, while 3 sit out.

Is the San Francisco Bulls Hockey Team in the NHL?

No, that is not a NHL team.

How many centers are there on an NHL team?

usaually 4 or 5

What is Indiana's NHL team?

Indiana has no NHL team, it does have a USHL team called the Indiana Ice.