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i don't no. how many? Isnt that why You are here, Im supposed to be asking the questions.....I dont know,thats why im on this a joke site?

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Q: How many catholics play for ulster rugby squad?
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How many players in a super rugby union squad?


How many supporters does Ulster rugby have?

On a regular basis about 10 thousand but there are of cousres TV supporters who cannot get to the grounds

How many people are in a rugby squad?

There are normally 25 people in a standard squad with 15 in a team in union and 13 in a team in league

How many of the current English rugby union squad went to public school?


What is Ireland's rugby team name?

Ireland's National rugby squad doesn't have a nickname

How many pages does A Hidden Ulster have?

A Hidden Ulster has 540 pages.

How many french rugby players play in the super league?

There are 17 Frenchmen in the Catalan Dragons squad of 25 for 2010, but none at any other club.

How many players star in a rugby match?

Union. 23 are selected for the squad. 5 play. If the closers (reserves) 3 must be replacements for the front row.

How many men are in a full rugby football squad?

there are 15 players on the field at one time. you are only aloud to sub 7 times during a game.

How many squared miles is Ulster?

Ulster covers an area of 9,452.2 square miles.

How many athletes are competing in the rugby world cup 2015?

Each of the 20 teams are allowed only 31 players in a squad therefore 620 is the maximum players

How many members compromise a team in a professional game of rugby?

There are 15 players on a pitch, there are 22 members on a squad, allowing fro seven subsitutions during the game.