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i think there is 11...

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Q: How many campuses does Texas tech have?
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What are some computer tech schools in Texas?

I would look at ITT Tech. They have campuses all over and are great for associate programs.

How many students are attending Texas tech this year?

There are 28,422 students attending the Texas tech university!

What type of degrees do they have at the University of texas?

Pretty much any degree you are interested in. The University of Texas system has many campuses and many programs.

How many fbs schools have tech in their name?

4: Georgia Tech, Louisiana Tech, Texas Tech and Virginia Tech

Who won the game between Texas tech and Texas am?

Texas Tech

Who are the NCAA 1-a football schools?

Texas @ Texas Tech Texas @ Texas Tech

How many males attend Texas tech?

about 6

How many students are at Texas tech?

Around 32,000 Currently

How many students go to Texas tech university?


What Type of school is Texas tech?

Texas Tech is a public university.

Which team did bobby knight coach?

Texas Tech University

Concord Career Institute has how many locations?

Concord Career Institute has 16 campuses in different locations. Some of these locations include, Colorado, California, Oregon, Florida and Texas. The campuses are all well equipped.