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Q: How many blue jays the bird are in the world?
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What are the signs of dehydration in blue jays?

There are many signs of dehydration in blue jays that you can observe. A bird might be weak or have a slow response for example.

How do you draw a Blue jay bird?

Do you mean the, "Toronto Blue Jays" or a regular Blue Jay bird. You can also search the internet because, in the internet, there are many tutorials on it and step by step.

What is the bird that can fly?

Many birds, crows, blue jays, geese, swans, ducks, cardinals, and parrots.

How many World Series did tronto win?

The Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series in 1992 and 1993.

How many world series did Dave Winfield win?

1 with the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays.

How many times have jays made it to the world series?

I assume you mean the Toronto Blue Jays. They've been to the World Series twice, in 1992 and 1993, and won both series.

Where are blue jay oranges from?

If you mean Blue Jay Navel Oranges that come in the box with the beautiful, colourful artwork, then they come from Johnston Farms, in the San Joaquin Valley, California. Check out their website. Also note that there are NO Blue Jays (the bird) in California, except when the Toronto Blue Jays play there. Blue Jays are not West of the Rockies. Many Californians think they have Blue Jays there but they are really seeing Stellar's Jays or Western Scrub Jays. People here in Vancouver, BC (where I live) also make the same mistake. Also, I think the picture of the Blue Jay on the Johnston Farms box is not quite anatomically correct. Their picture shows the head crest too prominent and the bill of the real bird does not have such a pronounced droop. Not surprizing since they don't have the real bird to draw from in CA -- or maybe they do and Pamela Anderson's plastic surgeon and PeeWee Herman's hairdresser have gotten at it!

How many Blue jays World Series wins?

The Toronto Blue Jays have only participated in two World Series in 1992 and 1993 and they have won both series, beating the Atlanta Braves in six games in 1992 and beating the Philadelphia Philles of the National League in six games in the 1993 World Series.

How many World Series have the Toronto Blue Jays won?

2. 1992 and 1993 back to back!!

How many teeth do blue jays have?


How many birds are blue?

Bluebirds, Blue Jays, and certain Parrots, and Parakeets can be blue.

How many seasons have the blue jays been in the majors?

The 2009 season was the Blue Jays' 33rd in MLB ... they entered the American League in 1977.