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Q: How many back to back NBA champions?
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How many championships rings do the browns have?

he has 2 NBA Championship ring 2009,2010 back to back champions.

Who were the first NBA champions?

The first NBA champions were the Philadelphia Warriors. They won the first NBA championship (back when it was still the BAA) in the 1946-47 season, defeating the Chicago Stags 4 games to 1 in the finals.

Do the conference champions get rings in the NBA?

Yes conference champions get rings in the nba.

What are Magic Johnson's basketball championships?

High School - Everett High School, Lansing, MI 1976-77 State Champions College - Michigan State 1978-79 NCAA Champions NBA - Los Angeles Lakers 1979-80 NBA Champions 1981-82 NBA Champions 1984-85 NBA Champions 1986-87 NBA Champions 1987-88 NBA Champions

How many NBA champions does David Robinson have?

David Robinson has 2 rings

Will lakers be 2009 champions?

The Lakers were the 2008-2009 NBA champions.

2008 NBA champions?


Who was the championship of NBA?

The current champions of the NBA are the Los Angeles Lakers.

Has any team in the nba gone from the worse season record to nba champions the next season?

No but the Celtics from 2006-2007 was the second worst of the nba and then the celtics from 2007-2008 were champions

Who are the 2011 NBA Champions?

The San Antonio Spurs won the 2007 NBA Champions!

Do nba champions win money?


Who were the 1952 NBA champions?

the Minneapolis Lakers