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There are 17 African American quarterbacks on active rosters of the IR in the NFL as of week 14 in the 2013 season.

The players are (starters in bold):

Jason Campbell, Cleveland Browns

Dominique Davis, Atlanta Falcons

Josh Freeman, Minnesota Vikings

David Garrard, New York Jets

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins

Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle Seahawks

Josh Johnson, Cincinnati Bengals

Colin Kaepernik, San Francisco 49ers

Thad Lewis, Buffalo Bills

EJ Manuel, Buffalo Bills

Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders

Geno Smith, New York Jets

Tyrod Taylor, Baltimore Ravens

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

Seneca Wallace, Green Bay Packers (IR)

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

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Q: How many afro American quarterbacks are there in the NFL as of 2013?
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