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1 sonali bandre

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Q: How many actresses have fall in love with shahid afridi?
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What is Shahid Afridi's mobile number?

03467555526 is shahid afridi cell number and i talked with him 4 time and then u met with him in karachi it s real damn love u afridi muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Do shahid love mehwish?


Why amrita rao didn't love shahid Kapoor?

Amrita rao did not love shahid kapoor. It was her choice she did not love him. She did not reveal that thing publicly.

You love shahid Kapoor what you must do?

Yes i love shahid kapoor. He is a very well known bollywood actor. He has done various hits.

Does amrita rao love shahid Kapoor?

Shahid Kapoor does not love Amrita Rao. They were together in a movie called Vivah. They were a couple in that movie.

What actors and actresses appeared in Mutt and Jeff Fall in Love - 1912?

The cast of Mutt and Jeff Fall in Love - 1912 includes: Bud Duncan as Jeff

What has the author Quddus Khan Afridi written?

Quddus Khan Afridi is known for his work in writing poetry, particularly in Pashto. He has published several collections of poetry that reflect on themes of love, nature, and Pashtun culture. Afridi's writing is praised for its rich imagery and emotional depth.

What actors and actresses appeared in Things We Do When We Fall in Love - 2007?

The cast of Things We Do When We Fall in Love - 2007 includes: Loh Bok Lai Len Siew Mee

What is shahid phone number?

9833898591i saw his phone number on a different websiteanyway write this down if you want his phone numberfrom rommy parmar and Liam parmar who love shahid

Shahid Kapoor email id?

I wish you good night love greeting anke

Is shahid Kapoor a bad guy?

No. Shahid kapoor is a good guy. He has done many good movies. He is gem of an actor and does a lot of hardwork. I totally love his movies and his style of acting.

Who has Kareena Kapoor dated?

Kareena has dated 2 people.Her first date was Shahid Kapoor.She fell in love with Shahid then she broke up with him for her second date.Her second date is Saif Ali Khan,who she is willing to marry.They arein love and may get married soon.