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four times Jan 1st 1917 Oregon-14/ Pennsylvannia-0 Jan 1st 1920 Oregon-6/ Harvard-7 Jan 1st 1958 Oregon-7/ Ohio St-10 Jan 2nd 1995 Oregon-20/ Penn St- 38

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(4 )four games

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none because they suck big wang

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Q: How many Rose Bowls have the oregon state BEAVERS been to?
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What are the chances that Ohio state gets a BCS bowl game?

If Oregon State loses to Oregon, USC will get the automatic bid to the Rose Bowl which most likely Ohio State will get the at large bid. Likely BCS bowls OSU will be in are either Orange Bowl or Sugar Bowl.

What are the sport teams are in Oregon?

College: oregon ducks, oregon state beavers, pacific boxers, willamette bearcats High School: Oregon school activities association, high school internet network League: Eugene Emeralds(A), portland winter hawks(WHL), Salem-Keizer volcanoes(A) Professional: portland fire(WNBA), portland forest dragons(AFL), portland trail blazers(NBA) Stadium/Arena: rose quarter arena

Who is Oregon playing in the 2010 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State.

How many rose bowls has Texas won?

They have won 2 rose bowls

Did Penn State make it to the Rose Bowl in 1995?

Yes, Penn State defeated Oregon, 38-20, in the 1995 Rose Bowl.

Will Ohio state go to a bowl?

yes, the rose bowl vs Oregon

Can Iowa beat penn state?

yes they can even though penn state has been to alot of rose bowls. they have beat them 3 years in arow

Who is Jon Beavers dating?

He is going out with Shayna Rose.

Name the two college football teams that are playing in the rose ball?

Ohio state and Oregon

What is the alltime record of Oregon vs Oregon state in football?

As of the 2007 season, Washington leads the series 58-36-5.

Is Portland's nickname the forest state?

Portland is not a US state. It's a city in Oregon. Oregon's nicknames are the Sunset State, the Hard-Case state, the Web-Foot state, and the beaver state. As far as Portland goes, it's called the Rose City.

Who's won the most Rose Bowls?

As of the 2008 Rose Bowl, the University of Southern California has won the most Rose Bowls with 22. The University of Michigan is second with 8.