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26 including Gerald Ford. WRONG The University of Michigan, not Michigan State, has produced 26 Rhodes Scholars, of which Gerald Ford was not one.

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Q: How many Rhodes scholars has Michigan state university produced?
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Which university has more Rhodes Scholars Michigan or Michigan State?

michigan state WRONG AGAIN. Michigan has produced 26, Michigan State 12.

How many Rhodes scholars has West Virginia University produced?

West Virginia University has had 25 students to become Rhodes Scholars. They rank 6th in public state institutions in the number of recipients.

What high school has most Rhodes scholars?

According to data from the Rhodes Trust, Harvard University has produced the most Rhodes scholars from any single high school.

What college produced the most Rhodes scholars?

Students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have won the most Rhodes Scholarships in the Big Ten, with a total of 30 through 2013. The ranked list: 1. Wisconsin: 30 2. Michigan: 25 3. Minnesota: 24 4. Nebraska: 22 5. Iowa: 18 6. Northwestern: 16 6. Michigan State: 16 8. Indiana: 14 9. Illinois: 9 10. Ohio State: 5 11. Purdue: 2 11. Penn State: 2 Source:

Who is a Rhodes scholar?

A Rhodes Scholar is a student who is selected from a country outside of the United Kingdom to study at the University of Oxford. Rhodes Scholars study full-time in any postgraduate program offered by the University of Oxford.

How may Rhodes scholars has the university of Georgia produced?


What members of the Senate are Rhodes Scholars?

Feingold, Lugar, and Vitter all were Rhodes Scholars. I'm not sure if there are others.

Was al gore a Rhodes scholar?

No, Bill Clinton and Bill Bradley were RHodes Scholars.

How many vice presidents have been Rhodes scholars?

As of my knowledge cutoff date in 2021, there have been no vice presidents of the United States who were Rhodes scholars.

Who was the father of George David?

David's father, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and one of America's first Rhodes scholars, was 58 years old when David was born.

When was Rhodes University created?

Rhodes University was created on 1904-05-31.

What is the motto of Rhodes University?

The motto of Rhodes University is 'Vis, virtus, veritas'.