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Q: How many NH high school division 3 baseball players were drafted by colleges?
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What percentage of division 3 baseball players get drafted?

slim to none..

Which colleges have the most baseball players drafted to the pros?

usc Lewis Clark State College. (NAIA) Texas #2

How many division 2 football players were drafted in 2010?


What colleges have had the most NFL players drafted since 2000?

The USC Trojans.

Colleges to NFL?

college teams with really good players will be drafted into the nfl through scouters from teams who need back ups for there starters those players soon may get drafted into the nfl

Why are major league baseball players drafted from other countries?

They aren't drafted. Foreign players become free agents at the age of 16.

What is the percent of Major League Baseball players drafted?


Do division 3 hockey players get drafted also?

It's very unlikely, but it is possible if they are good enough. Majority of players who get drafted are 17 years old but are still eligable until they are 22.

How many high school baseball players were drafted in the 2010 major league baseball draft?


What percent of hockey players get drafted to the NHL or a different hockey organization form Maine college?

The percentage of hockey players from Maine colleges being drafted to the NHL or other hockey organizations is very low, typically less than 1%. The majority of college hockey players do not get drafted and pursue other paths in their hockey careers.

How many pro-wrestlers have college degrees?

I would guess about 1 out of 40 football, basketball and baseball players from division one colleges are offered professional contracts at some level perhaps in Europe. Most of them have very short pro careers. Players in lower division and other sports almost never become pros.

What is division one baseball?

there are currently 211 division 1A College Baseball programs