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12 teams

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Q: How many NFL teams go to the playoffs?
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How many NFL teams go to playoffs?

12 teams

How many teams go to the NBA playoffs?

16 8 from the east and 8 from the west

What teams have never won the playoffs?

The Clippers, Nuggets,T-Wolves,Hornets,Raptors, Bobcats and Grizzles. Have never made it to an NBA finals

How many times did the chargers go to the playoffs?

Chargers have beat the Raiders 44 times. Raiders have beat the Chargers 54 times and there has been 2 tied games in these teams NFL history.

When did the NFL team Jacksonville Jaguars go to the playoffs?


Teams of the NFL?


Number of teams in NBA playoffs?

16 teams. 8 from the western conference and 8 from the eastern conference.

Are the cowboys going to go to the playoffs in 2010?

Probably not. There are too many other NFC teams ahead of them in the race for six playoff spots.

How are football teams grouped?

In the NFL draft, teams select players from collage to go to their team.

How many NFL teams make playoffs each year?

8 teams in each of the 2 conferences make the playoffs. Each conference has 3 divisions. Only the division winners are assured playoff spots. The other 5 spots in each conference go to the remaining teams with the best records. The final faceoff is the eastern conference champion against the western conference champion

How many 0-3 teams made the playoffs?

It would take alot to go through history and figure it out, bu the last time a team started 0-3 and made the playoffs was in 2000. So it's rare.

How many teams go to the college AA football tournament?

In 1978 it was just four teams. It was doubled to eight teams in 1981. In 1982 it expanded to twelve. Expanded to sixteen in 1986. In 2010 it expanded to include twenty. In 2013, the FCS playoffs will expand to 24 teams.