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The Duke Blue Devils mens Basketball team have won 12 NCAA National Championships between 1979 and 2013. They have had 79 former members join the NBA.

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Q: How many NCAA National Championships have the Duke Blue Devils won to date?
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How many ncaa championships have the duke blue devils won?


How many mens basketball ncaa championships have the Duke blue devils won?

Duke has won four NCAA championships. (fifth all-time)

How many men's basketball championships have the Duke Blue Devils won?

3 1991 1992 2001

Who won the 1992 National Basketball Championship game?

The Duke Blue Devils

When was Duke Blue Devils football created?

Duke Blue Devils football was created in 1895.

When was Duke Blue Devils men's lacrosse created?

Duke Blue Devils men's lacrosse was created in 1938.

Why are the blue devils called the blue devils?

"Blue" for the VFW color and "Devils" after Concord's local landmark, Mt. Diablo).

What year was the Duke Blue Devils ranked in the top 10 nationally at the end of the season?

The Duke Blue Devils have been ranked in the top 10 nationally at the end of the season several years in their history. They have been one of the top teams in the history of college football, and have also won 4 championships.

Who has more sports national championships Michigan or Duke?


What is Duke Universities mascot?

The Blue Devils.

What is your NCAA bracket prediction?

The Duke Blue Devils

What is Duke university football teamname?

Blue Devils