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There are 162 games in the regular season of MLB.

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Q: How many MLB games are there in a season?
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How many games in a MLB season?

There are 162 games in a MLB regular season. Add that to as many as 36 exhibition games and a possible 19 post season games and MLB team could play as many as 217 games in a year.

How many regular season games in MLB?

162 regular season games.

How many games did the mlb add to the season?

None. it is still 162 games a season.

How many games in MLB season?

162 and then playoffs

How many games does a team plays in MLB in 2007?

162 regular season games

How many baseball games are played in a full season of the MLB?


How many games are in the 2013 Major League Baseball regular season?

A standard MLB regular season has 162 games.

In 1970 how many baseball games per season were there?

There were 162 games in an MLB regular season in 1970, the same number as today.

In 1908 how many baseball games were played in a regular season?

In MLB, 154.

How many games a year for an mlb team?

A season consists of 162 games(with an additional games for tie breakers).

How many games did Joe DiMaggio play in?

Joe DiMaggio played in 1736 MLB regular season games, 51 World Series games, and 11 MLB All Star games.

How many MLB games per season?

162 games in the regular season. If the team makes the playoffs there is a possibility of a maximum of 21 more games to win The world Series.