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Dublin have 52 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Meath have 21 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Kildare have 13 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Wexford have 10 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Offaly have 10 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Louth have 8 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Laois have 6 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Kilkenny have 3 Leinster Senior Football Titles

Westmeath have 1 Leinster Senior Football Title

Longford have 1 Leinster Senior Football Title

Carlow have 1 Leinster Senior Football Title

Kilkenny have 67 Leinster Senior Hurling Titles

Dublin have 24 Leinster Senior Hurling Titles

Wexford have 20 Leinster Senior Hurling Titles

Offaly have 9 Leinster Senior Hurling Titles

Laois have 3 Leinster Senior Hurling Titles

Galway have 1 Leinster Senior Hurling Title

(Galway have played in the Leinster Hurling championship since 2009)

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Q: How many Leinster titles does each county have?
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