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1 from 2007, he lost to cam newton for the 2008 heisman trophy

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Q: How many Heisman awards does Tim Tebow have?
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How many times was Tim Tebow up for the Heisman award?


Who won the the Heisman 2008?

Tim tebow

Was Tim tebow a Heisman winner?


What was the date Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy?


What Heisman Trophy winner won a playoff game?

Tim tebow

What year in college did Tim Tebow receive the Heisman Trophy?


How many players have The Florida Gators have to win the Heisman?

Three. Steve Spurrier. Danny Wuerfell. Tim Tebow

Who is the best player for Florida gators?

Tim tebow, Percy harvin, and many more. Tim tebow and Percy harvin could win the heisman.

Who were the last three Heisman Trophy winners?

Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerful, and Tim Tebow

Who is going to win the Heisman?

Tim TEBOW!!!! 1. Tim tebow 2. Florida gators team 3. urban mayer 2010 DENARD ROBINSON!

Who is the quarterback from the University of Florida that last won the Heisman Trophy?

Tim Tebow, 2007

Was Tim Tebow ever a runner up for Heisman?

2008 behind cam newton