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The Giants have had 17 head coaches in franchise history: 1925: Bob Folwell

1926: Joe Alexander

1927-1928: Earl Potteiger

1929-1930: LeRoy Andrews

1930: Benny Friedman

1931-1953: Steve Owen

1954-1960: Jim Lee Howell

1961-1968: Allie Sherman

1969-1973: Alex Webster

1974-1976: Bill Arnsparger

1976-1978: John McVay

1979-1982: Ray Perkins

1983-1990: Bill Parcells

1991-1992: Ray Handley

1993-1996: Dan Reeves

1997-2003: Jim Fassel

2004-present: Tom Coughlin

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17 coaches have coached the Giants since 1925

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Q: How many Coaches have coached the New York Giants?
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Makes no sense

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