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In the first team:

Tim Howard

Joe Max-Moore

Brian Mcbride

Predrag Radosavljević

In the youth teams:

Josh Lambo

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Q: How many Americans have played for everton fc?
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How many seasons has Wayne Rooney played for Everton FC?

2 seasons

When was Everton FC founded?

Everton FC were founded in 1878.

Who has played for Everton FC?

Paul Gascoign, Gary Linekar

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Which players have played for both Everton FC and Dundee FC?

Morris Johnson

Has Mike Newell ever played for Everton FC?

Yes 1989-1991.

How many professional football teams play on merseyside?

There are 21 teams, including Liverpool and Everton, who play or have played football in the merseyside. Out of these, Only 4 - Liverpool, Everton, Trammere Rovers and New Brighton Tower FC - have played league football.

What was the score of the last everton fc game?

Everton 2 - 1 Fulham ps. everton rule!

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Who plays in the Merseyside derby?

Liverpool FC vs Everton FC

How many titles have everton fc won?

nine, that's if you include the 8 where they cheated.

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