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every quarter is 8 minuted

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7 minutes

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8 minutes

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Q: How long is a high school junior varsity basketball quarter?
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Is there a junior varsity and varsity for high school wrestling?

it depends what school you go to Most schools have both.

What high school did Bill Russell attend?

Bill Russell attended McClymonds High School in Oakland, California. He played varsity basketball his junior and senior years.

Can a cheerleader be both varsity and junior varsity?

no, for school cheer leading you are only able to be on one team at a time. varsity is for older, better cheer athletes while junior varsity is for younger.

Is there a weight limit for high school junior Varsity players?


Do jr varsity and varsity points count towards the 1000 point goal in high school basketball?

varsity only

How do you become a Letterman in high school basketball?

To letter you must make your school's varsity basketball team.

Do junior varsity cheerleaders get to travel?

Junior varsity cheerleaders typically do not travel as much as varsity cheerleaders. Their travel opportunities may be limited to local games or competitions. However, some junior varsity squads may have the chance to travel for special events or competitions based on their school's policies. It ultimately depends on the school and the cheerleading program.

Is it easy to make the junior varsity baseball team?

depends how big your school

Who is the Raytown high school soccer coach?

Jeff Dierking- Head Coach and Varsity Coach Josh Luke- Junior Varsity Coach

What NFL running back made varsity in high school as a junior?

Shaun Alexander

Who is nikhil jagpal?

A student from Elon School 21 who plays varsity basketball.

Who is Grand Blanc's high school varsity basketball coach?

Chris Belcher