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They began play in L A as an expansion team in 1967.

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Since 1960

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Q: How long have the lakers played in LA?
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What sport is played in LA lakers?


Who did Andrew Bynum play for?

He played for the LA lakers

What sport is played by the LA Lakers?

NBA Basketball.

What two teams played for the NBA championship in 2010?

Las years champions were the LA Lakers who played vs. the Boston Celtics.

Who played in the 2002 NBA finals?

The LA Lakers and the New Jersey Nets

How long has Kobe played for the lakers?

he played with the lakers his whole career he's going in his 15th season in 2010-2011

Who is going to win between LA Lakers and phoenix?

LA Lakers

Who did the LA Lakers play last year for the NBA championship?

The Lakers beat the Orlando Magic for the NBA championship.

What lakers also played for the Celtics?

Chris Mihm. Traded to the Boston Celtics in December 2003 Traded to the LA Lakers in August 2004

What is la lakers mascot?

The LA Lakers don't have an official mascot at this time.

What did kareem Abdul jabbar do?

He played professional Basketball for the LA lakers and Millawaukee Bucks

What is the Elton John's song played during LA lakers Games?

Bennie and the Jets