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Its always been popular cuz all the popular girls are on the squad they wear short skirts and even have the most popullar boyfriends as their dates so yea thats why you always try-out on the squad and they cheer at all the games in the rain, snow, cold and everything else its a lot of work but it's all worth it

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Cheerleading has been around for a long time... since about 1988

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Cheerleading has been a sport since 1898! That is about 120 years!

The first official squad was on November 2, 1898.

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Q: How long has cheerleading been around?
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How long has Lesley Patterson been Cheerleading?

since she was six

Can you get arthritis by cheerleading?

if you have a family history of it, then probably yes. cheerleading is non-stopping activity and moving around, and the joints and muscles really get a beating. trust me, I've been there!!!!!

When was gymnasstics added to cheerleading?

Gymnasstics has always been a part of cheerleading.

How long is a cheerleading stadium?

a cheerleading stadium is very big as it has lots of bleachers!

How long has cheerleading been going on?

Cheerleading has been around for over 100 years, with its roots dating back to the late 19th century. It began as an all-male activity at the collegiate level before evolving to include both men and women at various levels of competition and performance.

What is a good website to buy cheerleading uniforms from?

Definitly As long as I've been cheerleading our uniforms have always been Varsity. Although, we get a lot of our camp gear from CDT. They're both very high quality stuff. You can find more cheer links and such at :)

Is cheerleading a club?

No cheerleading is a sport

How long has deforestaion been around?

how long has deforestation been around

How long has guns been around?

As long as guns have been around.

How long is a cheerleading individuial?

About a minute long but no longer than 2 minutes

Which country is best at cheerleading?

This is a opinion question, but the Cheerleading Worlds showcase teams from around the country, the USA teams get 1st place

How DOES cheerleading LOOK?

Cheerleading looks great..... It takes long of practice, and you need a group of people, so If you want to take cheerleading, i suggest you do it at a popular group, but if you have one in mind go straight ahead