How long does the ashes last for?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Q: How long does the ashes last for?
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Is there going to be a fourth series of the BBC's Ashes To Ashes?

No the last ever ever episode of ashes to ashes is still on iplayer though.

What are the results of 2008 ashes series?

No Ashes was played in 2008. The last Ashes was played in 2009 which was born by England.

Who won the 1984 Ashes series?

Australia They have won 31 out of 65 series and England 29! Terrible. There has also been 5 draws.

How many ashes were played and which country won the last ashes?

not fully sure about how many were played but England won the last

Who won the last ashes?

England won the second test of Ashes 2010 by an innings and 71 runs.

When was the last time Australia lost the ashes in Australia?

Yes. Last year (2009) was the most recent.

When did Australia last win the ashes in England?

1986-87 was the last time England beat Australia in an Ashes series. The margin was 3-1 in the five test series However, England were the holders of the Ashes before that series, and therefore retained the Ashes, rather than won them. The last time England actually won the Ashes was in England in 1985 - again a 3-1 series victory

Who was last English captain to win back to back ashes series?

The last English captain to win back the ashes series was a Mr Small Penie XD

How many Head movies are there?

there are five, pumpkin head 1,2,3,4 and the last one is pumpkinhead ashes to ashes- its the newest one.

Did mike atherton win the ashes in Australia and England?

No he won in neither! Until last month, the last time England had won the Ashes in Australia was 1986/87, and we didn't win them again until 2005. Michael Atherton's last Ashes series was in England in 2001, where Australia won the series 4-1.

How long do you keep the ashes from Ash wendsay?

You keep the ashes for as long as they are on your forehead do not wipe them away because that is considered sacrilegious. But if you accidentally wipe it off it is okay.

Who was captain when England last won ashes in Australia?

Mike Gatting