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Q: How is won more trophies Messi or Ronaldo?
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How many time cristiano take a trophies?

Cristiano Ronaldo has taken many trophies. As of 2014, he has won 20 trophies for best player of the year and many more.

How many trophies has Messi won?

massi has one 21

How many trophies has ronaldo won in his whole career?


How many awards has Cristiano Ronaldo won in total?

how many trophies does Cristiano Ronaldo have in his career

Who is better at football ronaldo or messi?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best in the world he has won the best player in the world trophy more than messi still messi is a world class player but i think ronaldo is the best because he just has more skills and better at shooting and passing the only thing messi is better at making choices quick and better at throwings and stuff like so ronaldo is the king

Who is better c ronaldo or l messi?

C. Ronaldo and l. Messi both have different nations and qualities. They have their own styles with their strength, flexibility. But many people support C. Ronaldo because he his talented. Both are among the best in the world.

Is the ballon'dor rigged?


Who won the 2010 balloon d'or?

Cristiano Ronaldo won the FIFA 2014 ballon do'r.

How is a better player out of Lionel messi and Cristiano Ronaldo?

Messi is better because he has won more awards than ronaldo has at the end of every year his stats are always better and also his stats are always better at the end of every season as well, plus there,s a reason why messi is known to be one of the greatest players to ever live

Who has won more trophies Liverpool or Barcelona?

Barcelona have always won more trophies then Liverpool any day.

Who was famous 2009 soccer player?

Lionel Messi, Who won the 2009 and 2010 FIFA world player of the year awards. Cristiano Ronaldo's Manchester United got beaten 2-0 by Messi's Barcelona in the 2009 Champions League Final, Where Messi even scored himself. This fact erases all disputes about if Ronaldo was better than Messi in 2009. Ronaldo didn't win; Messi did. Conclusion: Messi was the best player in 2009

Who is better Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi?

did you see the last soccer match real Madrid barça who won? real Madrid who scored? Cristiano ronaldo that's all you need to say! although messi is a good player