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The last point of a volleyball game is called the game point. Simple, huh? In the last game of a match, the game point is called the match point.

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Q: How is called the last point of a volleyball game?
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How do you receive points in a volleyball game?

When the ball hits the floor inside the court on one teams side the other side gets the point unless the ball was outside the court then that depends on who touched the ball last whichever team touched the ball last does not receive the point

Who won the last commonwealth game for volleyball?

Despite being a recognized Commonwealth Games sport, Volleyball has never been contested at the Commonwealth Games.

What is the last hockey game in the season called?

the last game is called the "final" this is for the Stanley Cup

Who scored his last point of his career on the last play of the last game of the NBA Finals?

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How long did volleyball last?

You should be a little clearer. Volleyball has lasted for a while though.

How long does an average girls high school volleyball game last?

if there are 5 games about 3 hrs. if there are 3 games about 2 hrs.

What is the length of a volleyball?

Well if your asking how much is the time that volleball lasts, IT HAS NO TIME! It is the first team to get to 25 points on 11-12 categories and up and 21 points from 1-2 categories until 9-10( talking about age) so yeah volleyball has no time :)hope this helped :D -afro Adri :)

How many points are considered a set in volleyball?

It depends on the rules, but usually there are 5 games in a match. Each of the first four is composed of 25 points with a two point lead, although there is sometimes a cap, or a maximum number of points that a game can go up to. The last game is generally 15 points.

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