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== == == == In most elementary schools, the gyms have hoops as of 10 ft., the regulation height of a Basketball hoop for the NBA. Outside on the blacktop, the hoops usually range from about 9ft. to the hoops that are too high at 11ft. Some of the hoops are put in awkwardly and end up being too tall or too short.

Generally in the school buildings the gyms have the hoops at 10 feet high which is the standard height of high school, college, and the NBA. However out on the playgrounds, you will see them at 8 or 9 feet high. Many times kids in 1st and 2nd grade will play games on a lower 8 foot hoop.

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The net does not matter. The standard height for younger kids is 8 ft. (rim) and 10 ft. for anyone older than 3rd or for 4th grade. I have seen nets on a regulation basketball hoop that extened below 9 foot and ones that barely reach 9'6"

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Every standard basketball net has a rim that is 10 feet from the floor, however some nets can be lowered.

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Q: How high is a basketball net for primary schools?
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