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Any Sports Memorabilia that is legit will come with a verification license signed by an agency that versifies Autographs and the authenticity of items. Companies that sell "licensed" products and memorabilia must provide this authenticity with the product they are selling. If you are looking to purchase sporting good memorabilia

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Q: How do you verify a sports memorabilia company or coa authenticy is legit?
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How much would a signed providence bruins goalie picture be worth?

Completely depends on the goalie. Like all sports memorabilia price depends on the rarity of the item, market for the item, and if you can verify it is real.

Why does one need authentication procedures?

A person can need an authentication procedure to verify that something is truthful and or the real deal. Think about someone buying autographed sports memorabilia. A piece of paper proving the authenticity of the item will prove it is real.

How do authenticate something?

When you authenticate something you verify that it is genuine. For example, with certain kinds of memorabilia you can have it looked at by a professional.

i recieved a signed limited edition heisman trophy football. one of the signatures could be the first heisman trophy winner from 1935. how can i make sure of this signature and how can i find out how much this football might be worth?

There are professionals who specialize in sports memorabilia who can verify the authenticity of the signature by comparing it to bonafide examples. Given your New Jersey location, contact GrandStand Sports Memorabilia in New York City at 1-888-78-GRAND. Someone there can direct you to the next step.

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