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The most important thing about baking a cake is getting plenty of air in it. You have to do this when you mix the eggs sugar and margarine. Mix for about 5 mins. to get the air in. The mixture should go a pailer colour and be light and fluffy.

Then very carefully add the flour (which should be sifted at least twice, again to get air into it.). Fold the flour in with a metal spoon so as not to lose any of the air from the mixture, or use the slowest speed on the electric mixer. Remember if you are using plain flour add 1 teaspoon of baking powder.

Make sure your oven is hot when you put the mixture in to bake.

Hope this helps - good luck!!

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Q: How do you stop a large cake mix turning out rubbery when cooked?
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Which is heavier a cooked cake or an uncooked cake?

un cooked

How do you add flavoring to a cooked cake?

It is more difficult to add falvoring to a cake once it has been cooked. This can be done, though, a few ways. They are... *Icing *Filling (pipe it in) *Soaking (sumberge the cake in a large soup pot filled with the liquid of flavoring)

What is a good type of food that changes state when cooked?

There are many good types of food that will change their state when they are cooked. For example, When cake batter is cooked, it turns into a cake. When a potato is cooked, the inside gets softer.

Why prick a cake?

Pushing a metal skewer into a cake is a test to see if the cake has been cooked thoroughly. The skewer should be clean when pulled out. If cake ingredients is sticking to the skewer, it means it is still not cooked in the middle.

What does pancake really mean?

a cake cooked in a pan

How would you know when sponge cake has been thoroughly cooked?

One test is to push into the cake a long metal skewer, or clean metal knitting needle. If the skewer comes out clean, with no bits sticking to it, then the cake has finished being cooked.

What healthy recipes can be cooked with a cake pan?

Many recipes which are considered healthier can be cooked in a cake pan. Good examples of this are eggless cakes or recipes which substitute ingredients with healthier alternatives.

Can you use cooked cooking oil in cake mix?


What does a picture look like of a cake with no baking soda?

it will pretty much look like a regular cake, except! it will be hard and chewy! so if you are expecting to bite into a nice soft fluffy sponge cake that will not happed, most likely the middle of the cake will drop, but when the cake cools it will be heavy in weight and very grainy and rubbery!

I baked a cake and its been in for an hour and its been rubbery throughout?

If it is rubbery, pull it out, and start again, it is not eatable. if it looks ready, stick a knife in the middle, hold for a few seconds and if it comes out clean, its ready, but if it comes out with some of the batter in the utensil, it needs to stay in for a little longer, and turn down the heat so it doesn't burn the outside of the cake.

Does souffle explode when cooked?

No, they rise like a cake,.

Pricing a cake by the slice?

pricing a cake depends on it's ingredients and how it was cooked.. the amount of expensive recipes count too..