How do you say shorts in spanish?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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If you are a boy, short in Spanish is 'bajo' (ba as in ball and Jo as in hole). If you are a girl, short in Spanish is 'baja' (ba as in ball and ja as in hall).

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Either corto/corta or bajo/baja (low).

Short man = hombre corto

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If you are speaking of objects, use "corto/a". When speaking of a person, use "bajo/a".

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los pantalones cortos

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Q: How do you say shorts in spanish?
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How do say shorts in spanish?

Shorts or pantalones cortos

What is the spanish word for shorts?

pantalones=pants pantalones cortos=shorts or just say shorts but shorts as in underwear is calzones(same word for mens or womens underwear)

How do you say black shorts in Spanish?

pelo corto y negro

What is shorts in spanish?

"Short" in Spanish is usually "corto", but when applied to a person, you would say "bajo". For feminine objects, substitute an "a" for the final "o".

Is shorts masculine or feminine?

In Spanish, "shorts" is a masculine noun. It is typically used with masculine articles like "los shorts" or "unos shorts."

How do you say khaki shorts in French?

Shorts kaki.

How do you say in Spanish shorts for men?

me gusta llevar pantalones cortos en el verano

How do you say basketball shorts in Spanish?

Literally, this is "pantalones cortos de baloncesto". There may be an idiomatic expression for this, but I am not familiar with one.

How do you say the word shorts in French?

Shorts (piece of clothing) are called the same in French: un short, des shorts.

How do you you say shorts in Russian?


What is plural of shorts?

As in the clothing? You would say, "I wore shorts to the game. I wore two different pairs of shorts to the game." So you could use pairs, if you want. But the plural of shorts would be shorts.

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