How do you say mia san mia in finish?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: How do you say mia san mia in finish?
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What does the phrase mia san mia mean?

"We are who we are." It is a Bavarian saying. In German, to say "We are we" you say "Wir sind wir". In southern German dialects like Swabian or Bavarian, "wir" becomes "mir". In Bavarian the "r" almost disappears and becomes "a". In Bavarian dialect, the "sind" becomes "san". So you get "mia san mia" instead of "mir sind mir" instead of "wir sind wir," literally "we are we," but meaning "we are who we are," an expression of regional pride.

What is bayern munich slogan?

mia san mia

What is 'Mia San Mia' when translated from German to English?

"We are who we are" is an English equivalent of the German phrase Mia San Mia. The phrase originates in Bavarian German and most famously relates to the impressive Bayern soccer players.

When was Mia Marcus born?

Mia Marcus was born in San Juan, in Rizal, Philippines.

How do you say Mia in Russian?

In Russian, Mia is translated as Миа.

What does the phrase mia san dahoam mean?

It means "we are at home" in the Bavarian dialect. Mia san dahoam = wir sind daheim = wir sind zuhause = we are at home

What actors and actresses appeared in Mia san mia - Die Bayerische Talentshow - 2011?

The cast of Mia san mia - Die Bayerische Talentshow - 2011 includes: Nina Eichinger as Herself - Host Hannes Ringlstetter as Himself - Juror Veronika von Quast as Herself - Juror

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How do you say mia in hawaiian?

"Mia" is not a Hawaiian name, so it does not have a direct translation or equivalent in Hawaiian.

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