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Q: How do you say Are you from real Madrid?
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Who has the best record Real Madrid or Barcelona?

Over the years we will have to say Real Madrid have a better record.

What is Real Madrids Motto?

There is no slogan, but people often say "Hala Madrid" which is from the official Real Madrid song.

Where will real Madrid practice?

Real Madrid's training centre is located at Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas (Madrid).

How do you say Getafe is better than Real Madrid in spanish?

im a real Madrid fan since i was like 9.... but here you anyways........ getafe es mejor equipo que el real Madrid.....even though its not true

What city does Real Madrid represent?

Real Madrid represent Madrid, Spain.

Played in the premiership then real Madrid?

Nine I can think of straight away: Steve McMananan - Liverpool - Real Madrid David Beckham - Manchester United - Real Madrid Julian Faubert - West Ham - Real Madrid Michael Owen - Liverpool - Real Madrid Gabriel Heinze - Manchester United - Real Madrid Jonathan Woodgate - Leeds - Real Madrid Lasana Diarra - Portsmouth - Real Madrid Arjen Robben - Chelsea - Real Madrid Jose Antonio Reyes - Arsenal - Real Madrid

Who is the best Barcelona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid

Is kaka going to real Madrid?

It is Real Madrid.

What is Spain's most famous soccer team?

Debatable as many would say Barcelona FC, while others would claim Real Madrid. While some would say the National Team of Spain itself, especially after playing in, and winning the World Cup.

Real Madrid CFin Spanish?

Real Madrid CF

Is Victoria Justice with barcolona or real Madrid?

Real Madrid.

Get real Madrid flag?

You can get it at the Real Madrid sports store.