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Basically you weave the belt through the pads and pants to secure the pads into your pants. A coach or teammate should be able to help you out if you still have trouble.

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Q: How do you install the belt through pads in football pants?
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What is a football belt?

its something football players put on so that there pants dont slip off

Show you how to put on a belt?

There are belts that people wear, that go through the loops that are on the top of the pants, and then there are belts that are used in machines, to transfer rotation from one axle to another; those are trickier to install.

How do you thread football belt through slotted pants and slotted pads?

I never threaded the belt thru the pads.. i would imagine it would be difficult to thread the pads and pants. they make an underwear type thing that fits tight to the skin like spandex and has pockets to hold the pads. Any sports store would have them. this is what I would suggest. however it is possible to thread the pads and belt, but not very functional or comfortable. As I have never done I can not say the best way to accomplish it. The pads do not get threaded with the belt. I have found the best way to thread the belt is to attach a large safety pin to the tip of the belt. Then insert the pin into the belt opening in the pants. ( I turn the safety pin around so the elbow end goes into the pants first). Then slowly thread the pin thru the pants and it will pull the belt with it.

What is loop on the outside front of pants?

If there is more than one and they run around the waistband they are for threading a belt through (belt hoops).

How do you put on a baseball belt?

Slide it through the hoops of your baseball pants. (If it needs to be adjusted, this ie easiest if done while off the pants). Then buckle the buckle.

How do you put belt and pads in football pants?

you put it through your belt and tighten belt till it is tight and not to tight so you cant breath and some towels like name brand towels such as nike or under amour(cheaper) have velcro

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How to install a polaris ATV drive belt?

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How do you install Hoover UH70212 belt?

You install it

How do you Install F250 serpentine belt?

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How do you get the belt tensioner back on once the belt is on?

You should not have removed the tensioner to install the belt. It has a pivot point that and can be moved in order to release the tension on the belt. Once you install the new belt, leave it off the tensioner until last, pivit it and install the belt oner the tensioner.

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