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Hi, There are various ways to tell Your HOD about the late attendance of staff like email, WhatsApp, and other online tools. but One of the best solutions for this is CILFI HRMS. In this solution, you can set employee attendance rules and shifts with times. You can provide self attendance to the employee. An employee can mark his or her own attendance. You can make supervisors and hods. HOD's can view employee attendance with location and selfie and HOD can view list of employees of Latecomers and Early goings employees.

Use CILFI HRMS to provide a transparent system, CilFI HRMS is free to use and 100% secure It has lots of features to use like

1. Add Employee's Details

2. Employee Login Self Attendance with Location

3. Track Advances and Loans

4. Generate Salary

5. Location Tracking

6. Custom Reports

7. Manage Household Maids and Drivers attendance

And much more,

Try today and reach us for your query!

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Q: How do you informe to head of depatment to late attendance of his staff?
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