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The following information is applicable both to Super Mario 64 DS and its Nintendo 64 predecessor.

First, you need to collect sixteen Power Stars, and have rescued Mario.

In the castle foyer, you will notice a lightshining down onto the star pattern on the floor. If you stand inside this light and press the attack (A) button, you will hear a voice calling for Mario. Obviously, Mario must investigate this.

As Mario, stand inside the shining light, enter first-person view, normally by pressing the X Button, and look up at the source of the light. You will be transported into the Secret of Rainbow Tower, in which is the switch that activates the ? blocks.

Only Mario can gain a wing cap, and will do so immediately on entering this course. Yoshi, Luigi or Wario will just fall down, out of the course. Note that if you do fall in this course, you will return to the castle without losing a life. After pressing the switch, the shining light in the castle will disappear, but you can still return to this course.

After pressing this switch, break open a ? block by jumping at it like in Super Mario Bros. or using a Ground Pound. It will contain either a Power Flower, a feather, or a Bob-Omb. (Bob-Ombs are rare unless you lost your cap.)

The Power Flower will bestow an effect dependent on your character, but the feather will give you the Wing Cap, allowing Mario to take to the skies at last!

Perform a triple jump (jump three times at the moment you hit the ground) to initiate flight. You can even do this in place. If you blast out of a cannon while your character has wings, this will automatically initiate flight too.

Use the + Control Pad to steer: up to dive, and down to gain altitude. Be careful of your speed if you need to go up. Perform a Ground Pound (R Button) or land to stop flying.

The wings last 60 seconds. Quickly land if they start to flash.

In VS. mode, the feathers can be obtained from yellow ! blocks by any character, but only on the Battle Fort and Palm Shore courses.

In the Nintendo 64 version, only the red ? blocks will yield a Wing Cap. The green and blue blocks contain different caps that bestow effects that Wario and Luigi can gain with Power Flowers in the Nintendo DS version.

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Q: How do you get wings on super Mario 64 DS?
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