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Well now you can only get it if you buy a 3-Month Membership for Club Penguin.

That's the only way to get the Pink Cheer leading Outfit on Club Penguin.

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Q: How do you get the pink cheerleader outfit on clubpenguin?
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Is it possible to get a blue cheerleader outfit in January 2013 on clubpenguin?

no, no its not :(

Where do you get the green cheerleader outfit on clubpenguin?

wait until the right sports catalogue comes out

What outfit do you wear on clubpenguin to get boys to like you?

Ask a boy if they like pink. If yes, then my work here is done.

Be a cheerleader in buildabearville?

If you want to be a cheerleader just simply buy a cheerleader outfit for the Pawlete Confour Boutique!

How do you get a cheerleader skirt and outfit if you're a guy?


What is zooey deschanel's movie where she was in a cheerleader outfit?

there is none.

How do you paint with the painters outfit on clubpenguin?

press d

Whats the code for a cheerleader outfit move?

the code for the cheerleader move is TM45-ZWX9-J732 ALL CODES ARE THE SAME ,

Cheat to get a cheerleader outfit and super shills?

Log into someones account

How do you become invisible on clubpenguin?

Buy the ninja outfit then press "dance"

How do you get a cheerleading outfit in clubpenguin?

just keep watching at the sports catalog and sometime they will have it

Where do you find the painting outfit on clubpenguin?

i have it. It was in the catalog but it will come back in a couple months.