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You can find it on Manchester United's official online club shop.

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Q: How do you find original Manchester united shirt?
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Is Manchester in Jamaica?

The original and probably most famous Manchester is in England. There are other Manchesters in various parts of the world, named after the first Manchester. Now please look on a map and find out where England and Jamaica are.

Where can one find Manchester United wallpaper?

One place to find Manchester United wallpaper is Fred's decorating center. They have a lot of wallpaper to choose from. But Manchester United website also sell their product.

Where can I find a list of all the Manchester United players who have played while Sir Alex Ferguson has been manager?

You may have to go to the Manchester United website and find out.

Can you find you a picture of peter Beardsley in a Manchester united kit?

You can find pictures of peter Beardsley in a Manchester United kit in newspapers and magazines from 1982 and 1983. You can find these in the periodical room of the library.

How do you apply for Manchester united footballacademy?

They will have scouts near the area and they will find you.

Is Lucas Mora coming to Manchester United?

Wait till 5th of august to find out!

Where can one find more information about upcoming Manchester United fixtures?

The official website for Manchester United, Manutd, has all of the available fixtures and results for the team. They are also listed in The Daily Post and The Sun in their sports supplement section.

Where can one find information on up coming matches between Manchester United and Liverpool FC?

You can visit the team websites for both Manchester United and Liverpool FC to find their match schedules. The BBC also has a match schedule for the entire league.

Which retailers sell Manchester United jerseys?

Manchester United jerseys can be found at sporting goods stores that sell team apparel. If you can't find a store in your area, try online at places like Nike and SoccerPro.

Where can one find more information about Old Trafford Stadium?

As Old Trafford is the home to the soccer club Manchester United, one can find a plethora of information about the stadium on Manchester United's official website. On the site, one can take a virtual tour of the stadium as well as read about its history.

Name all Manchester United goalscorers?

Have a look at You'll find all the info you need right there.

Where can one find serviced offices for rent in Manchester?

You would have to look in the Yellow pages of Manchester, United Kingdom. The price of rent varies depending upon the time of year you do your apartment search. Manchester in Liverpool both have a beautiful country side.