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Q: How do you download instruction manuel for Halex Air Hockey table?
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Can you replace my halex NHL rod hockey players with Stiga NHL rod hockey players?

no It does not fit they Stiga players are much smaller.

Where do you get replacement parts for a boccerball table?

I would like to purchase the owners manual and instruction book on the Halex Intruder Electronic Dart Board Game

What does the Halex company do?

The Halex Company of Ohio makes electrical fittings for home use as well as professional and commercial use. The company was established in 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio.

How do you get replacement parts for a Halex rod hockey table?

Hit this website and have your model number ready...

How do you contact someone about a defective product made by halex?

Look on/in the product packaging for warranty and contact information.

What is the highest score scored on a halex basketball goal?

I've put up 170. You'll have to make about 2 shots a second to beat that.

Which companies manufacture electronic dartboards?

Electronic dartboards are popular and many companies manufacture them. DMI Sports, Viper, Halex Barrington, and Arachnid all produce a variety of electronic dartboards, varying from affordable to high-quality.

What number is baseball on halex e light 2.0?

Baseball 6 innings: G70 Baseball 9 innings: G71 An amazing person on Yahoo Answers figured out the numbers for all 75 games:

What actors and actresses appeared in Les hommes au naturel - 1994?

The cast of Les hommes au naturel - 1994 includes: Luc Beauregard as Hitch-hiker Joe Biondi as Camper Danny Brown as Camper Carl Erik as Carl Lone Halex as Man in barn Mitch Levec as Forest ranger Daniel Ranger as Landowner Marc Richard as Marc

How can you get replacement parts for a gamecraft hockey table? or their customer service number is 866-556-2758. You will probably need to call, they don't have online pricing. Have your model number (and credit ready) if you plan to order.