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To do a scale, stand on your base leg (to find your base leg pretend to kick something and the leg you use to kick is generally what you stand on), then you lift your back leg straight back and up. Try to keep your chest and head up and facing forward (not down). Scales don't require a lot of flexibility, but If you are having trouble with it, I would stretch my left and right splits. Also strengthening your back helps to lift your leg higher. You can do back raises (lay on your stomach and lift your chest and legs off the ground at the same time as high as you can).

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Q: How do you do a gymnast scale standing on the floor What stretches can you do to be able to do it well Thanks?
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What you practice depends on what type of gymnast you are. If you are a boy, you'd do rings, pammel horse, parralel bars, and stuff like that. If you are a rythmic gymnast, you'd use ribbons, do floor dances, ect. And lastly, if you are a girl gymnast, you'd do bars, beam, floor, and vault.

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Standing on tip toe exerts greater pressure on the floor compared to standing flat footed. When standing on tip toe, the weight of the body is concentrated on a smaller area, resulting in higher pressure on the floor.

Does a gymnast exert more pressure on the floor when she does a handstand or when she does a split?

A gymnast exerts more pressure on the floor when she does a handstand. This is because during a handstand, her entire body weight is concentrated onto her hands, whereas during a split, the weight is distributed over a larger surface area.

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