How do you become a mascot for a pro team?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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kill a chicken and show it to the team president and say oogie boogie let me be your mascot

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Q: How do you become a mascot for a pro team?
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How do you become the Chicago Bears mascot?

You can't just become a Chicago Bears mascot you need to feel it and be passionate about the team. Also you have to suck the whole team off.

Does Raiders have a team mascot?

Probably because no one can keep up with the life and character of the fans. The mascot would constantly be outshined by them so their job would become obsolete. In a way, the fans are the mascot(s).

What is mascot is a turtle?

A mascot is someone inspirational that is on the sideline or at court side in a event. He/she is basically cheering for it's hoe team.

What team uses the mascot PITTBULLS?

According to this contributor's quick look around the internet, no major team has a pitbull as a mascot. Several sports team use a bulldog mascot, though.

Why does every team have a mascot?

They have a mascot because every team wants and likes to show school spirit.

What is the mascot for the Ducks hockey team?

The Ducks hockey team mascot is Wild Wing the Duck. He has been the teams mascot since 1993. The name for the Ducks mascot was chosen from a 'Name the Mascot' contest.

How do you become a sports team mascot?

Go to the cheer coach and ask if there are any openings and if she says yes then ask if you can tryout.

What team is Mr Met the mascot for?

Mr. Met is the mascot for the Mets!

What is the blue jays team mascot?

The blue jays mascot is Ace.

Do schools in France have a team mascot?

A rooster is the mascot for France.

Who was the first pro mascot?

Homer Simpson and his dancing for baseball.

Who is the team's mascot for cornell university?

Cornell's mascot is the "big red bear."